General Dentistry


We offer a wide range of dental procedures including preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  Our services include emergency dental care, root canal therapy, the treatment of gum disease and the removal of wisdom teeth.

We strive to employ the newest technology and stay current in all the latest techniques to maximize your dental treatment and diagnosis, including rotary endodontic and digital X-ray systems.

Our goal is to help our patients in Buffalo, NY reach the highest level of oral health so they may enjoy the benefits of a functional and attractive smile.

• Emergency Dental Care • Crowns and Bridges (CAPS) • Porcelain Veneers • Hygiene Care - drafts, scaling, root planning, flap surgery
• Restoration Care - (Fillings) - composite white fillings, sealants, traditional silver • Restoration Procedures for Dental Implants
• Extractions • Hygiene/Periodontal • Post-op Instructions • Dentures • Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)


Contact us today at our Buffalo, NY office for more information about our latest technology and techniques in root canal therapy, digital X-ray systems or any of our other treatments. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and get you on the road to optimum dental health.

Call us today at 716-800-2592. Our dentists look forward to treating your mouth and brightening your smile! Our office is conveniently located with ample parking and access to public transportation in the Seton Building at Sisters Hospital in Buffalo, NY.

Do you have a chipped or broken tooth? Have you lost a filling?  Trying to find a dentist for emergency dental care can be very difficult.  Family Dental Center in Buffalo, NY offers emergency dental care to provide you with quick relief and dental solutions.  Whether you have a broken tooth, a toothache, a lost filling, or other dental situations, we do our best to see you as soon as possible and get the problem taken care of. No matter what kind of issues you are having, do not hesitate to call or come see us.

Did one of your teeth get knocked out?

If this is an adult tooth, you should see your dentist immediately. Meanwhile, you should clean the tooth off, without touching the roots, and place it in a cup of cold milk so that it does not dry out. In some cases, the dentist can place the tooth back in the socket.
Contact our dentist today for any tooth related issues!
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