Emergency Dental Care in Buffalo, NY 

Are Your Teeth All of a Sudden Causing You Pain or Discomfort? 

When you are in need of emergency dental care, it is important you seek treatment fast so that the problem doesn’t escalate and the pain can be relieved. If you are experiencing major throbbing from a toothache or an impacted wisdom tooth, call us as soon as you can. 

The pain you are feeling may be due to an infection or possibly a decaying tooth. If that is the case, you may need a root canal or a tooth extraction. In these instances, we will do everything we can to restore and save your natural tooth, but if it does end up needing to be extracted, we can install a dental implant in its place. 

If the pain is minimum and only comes when you are eating something hot or cold, then it may be that you have a cavity or that there is sensitivity in your tooth. You should still call to set up an appointment so that Dr. Pazzaglia or Dr. Rosen can examine your teeth to diagnose and provide appropriate treatment for your symptoms.

We know how fast a toothache or an impacted wisdom tooth can become a problem, which is why we work to get you in as soon as we can when you call with an issue. 

We also have office hours on Saturday so that you don’t have to suffer through the pain the entire weekend. 
Contact us now if you're having a dental emergency!

Emergency Dental Care in Buffalo, NY
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