Denture Repair in Buffalo, NY

When your dentures are in need of fixing, we know how important it is that we get them repaired for you as soon as possible. We will carefully evaluate the conditions to determine the type of repair you need and the best option for you. In some cases, if your dentures have had significant wear, they may need to be replaced altogether. Dr. Rosen and Dr. Pazzaglia are here to make sure your dentures are comfortable and fit perfectly to the shape of your mouth. 

Denture Rebases, Relines & Adjustments

If you think you may need a denture rebase, reline or adjustment because of discomfort, we can help. 

With a new denture rebase, we will customize a new acrylic piece for you to better hold your teeth in place. 

Over time, your mouth can change slightly. If this happens, you may begin to notice soreness from your dentures interfering with your gums. To fix this, we can do an adjustment or reline to get them fitted to the exact shape of your mouth again. You can call our office today to schedule an appointment for any kind of denture repair you may need. 


denture repair in Buffalo, NY
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